Women Wedding Ring with Unusual Designs

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women wedding ringsWomen Wedding Ring with Unusual Designs-Many couples want to choose wedding rings for men and women as unique and distinctive as their relationship. Here are some suggestions of unusual designs you find interesting.

Eternity rings

Eternity rings are circled in bands with diamonds or other precious stones. Infinite loop of gems is said, that it a symbol of love infinite, eternal, eternity wedding ring or a popular choice birthday gift. Eternity rings be the preferences of the couple in a variety of metals with gems of colors and forms.

Some prefer circles of rocks due to the weight and width of the stone, who prefer half rings with stones only on one side of eternity rings. Because the stone crosses, same as the most popular or round cut Princess and emerald.


Diamonds are stones, which are the most popular in the ring of eternity rubies, sapphires and emeralds are also popular options sometimes alternating with diamonds in a pattern linked to the ring are some select symbolic for the stones of a ring or other jewelry.

Ring with a design

Decorate a simple gold or Silver Ribbon wedding with various designs and models exist already since 700 ad, in many cultures. The ancient symbol of the extravagant gold, a snake which occupies its own tail is a theme that is used for a ring made of iron. This is also the hope of the Union for life marriage constantly renew made him was the perfect choice for a wedding ring designs.

women wedding rings design

Celtic wedding rings are often geometric work knot pattern decorated has a long history in Celtic art. This impressive pattern of tendrils and vines. It recognizes the pattern of organic tissues, symmetry, flow and the curves of reflection about the nature. A legacy of the Irish Celts for very interesting design, but people of all Ethnic groups have chosen this beautiful theme for your wedding ring pattern.


If a call tone distinction is more complex than the template, the design which is previous criticism wedding ring with a solid metal with the metal finish is destroyed or pin-click but nicely furnished.

You can also add color to your mix with metal rings or treat the gold surface with a hot torch to produce different shades of gold and silver.

Braided wedding bands are also options that are used only for women wedding rings. You will find a designer wedding ring with metal braided in a color, the colors of two or three colors.

women wedding bands

Antique ring

If you have a ring, which inspired a topic of conversation a vintage find a wedding ring. The classic design of the circular ‘snake’ in the days of the Victorian style, making a wedding ring is very popular.

1920S ring or career Executive Vintage often have a scroll like engraving, fine Mil grain work or lift turned heel on the edge of this ring and finely detailed work or drawings metal wires are often suggests on the side that you can find to their liking. Vintage rings are a popular choice if you are looking for a band that is typical and will certainly generate a conversation or an indication of where you are working.

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