Women Wedding Ring- The Beauty of a Diamond Wedding Ring Ruby

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women wedding ringsWomen Wedding Ring- The Beauty of a Diamond Wedding Ring Ruby- The ring of formal commitment with a touch of bright red Flash is one of the latest trends in jewelry. Gone are the rows of pristine white diamonds, which is used to identify the old wedding ring. Today, you see only the ring of marriage by Ruby and diamond on the fourth finger of the bride and groom.

This diamond and Ruby engagement rings are available in all sorts of interesting and creative design. One of the most popular types of engagement rings is a great Solitaire Ruby, surrounded by a gang of diamond. This combination of colors a wedding ring can be equipped then with a ring of white diamonds, rubies, or circle red rubies and diamonds. Red Ruby wedding rings visual effect blood especially surprising against white diamonds. It is flattering on all skin tones.

Why choose Ruby and diamonds in unique diamond wedding ring above? It may be that something in terms of the symbolism of the color red. Red symbolizes love, warmth and vitality. It is considered the color of prosperity in Feng Shui. Seems very well cut, heart-shaped and surrounded by a diamond in a ring. The marriage of Ruby and diamond ring is also very romantic. Beautiful Ruby Red Granada offers a contrast to the white diamonds, brilliant, such as snow white and pink red.

women wedding rings ruby

Ruby said that these forms are from the Latin word “Rubens” means “red”. Ruby red color and used refers to a warm, bright and fiery red in the color. This stone is also a symbol of fire and blood, which of course equal sexual arousal and eroticism. Wavering flame of nature symbolizes the human heart. Wedding set Ruby and diamond ring is the perfect combination of fire and ice.

Rubies are also rare gems and much rarer than diamonds. In terms of use, said he held a love once in life. It is also a stone that is extremely durable excellent hardness of diamonds is your investment value.

Wedding diamond and Ruby ring has also a small cap, when it comes, popular with the funky old or new. A gang of Ruby is the perfect gift for a woman, the Hindu or Buddhist jewelry. This is because for a long time, the India-Ruby. Also in Sanskrit, Ruby is called “Ratnarj”, i.e. “the King of rock”.

Ruby Red officer is a variety of the mineral corundum. Sapphire also belong to this family of minerals that are among the world’s toughest places. Mohs scale of violence in its nine of records, only surpassed by the hardness of diamonds.

ruby diamond wedding rings

Color: Ruby Red can be associated with any combination or some of the following elements: stone, iron, titanium, vanadium and chromium. Chrome is the element responsible for the coloring of the Ruby Gems are of better quality. Ruby is the deepest red with chrome. You are also smaller rubies, when many of these elements causes the stone when the grow up crack. Therefore, it is very rare to find a large glossy Ruby red. Also the smaller Ruby Te compro, chrome and other potentially contains save and tend to be.

It may be that stone-Granada, which is this thing, because it is chrome as much light and a crack in the difficult, to find a stone, the no inclusions. Ruby can be harvested as a huge stone broken shortly before. If in the laboratory (Russia has this perfected the art) it is impossible to find a Ruby gem for a wider circle of 3 carats. Rubies are bigger and especially those who no weaknesses or the tickets are more expensive than even the largest diamonds.

Rubies are also the most expensive rubies is actor. When cutting in the middle of a star with six rays over the surface of the rock moves this sample form. If a stone is not interesting, that you keep in mind that the best value of a star that shines in the middle of the stone and not on the side of the egg yolk.

If you buy a diamond and Ruby wedding ring as meaning professional “Silk Road”. This is a deep shine some rubies give even the appearance of a soft them but bright has. This effect is caused by hundreds of microscopic scars in the rock, sometimes also known as ‘u’. Ruby has a full vacuum Ruby also starred.


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