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women gold wedding ringWomen Wedding Ring in Style and Fashion-In the United States and the United Kingdom, more people traditionally women wear wedding ring. The times have changed. Men and women now wear the engagement rings as a sign of loyalty to each other. But to legal prosecution, no work or work prohibits use of a wedding ring at work as a work of the police, agents, and current workers. Some people remove their rings of security or comfort, especially if the toes have increased from time to time. Alternative wedding rings can be worn as a pendant on a chain, the promise of equal marriage follows, where people wear a ring on your finger is translated.

How to start a wedding for couples ring

It was not clear, as practice for both partners wear engagement rings begins. But what is known that the introduction of marketing should be used by advertising in the 19th century. But even then, no broad public acceptance to win and use. It only after the second world war, when the practice started was to gain popularity and in 1940, 80% of marriage, see Exchange between couples wedding rings. This is really a big jump compared to only 15% practiced before the great depression.

Various methods to apply, wedding rings

Is the practice of using wedding rings under the obligation, that is, for some people, that is closest to the heart. On the other hand, other people take wedding rings to seal engagement ring as wedding rings participation in the Union. Others chose to wear wedding rings, only if it shows that the specific meaning for their lives.

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Make wedding rings

Wedding rings are metal, bismuth and products typically made of gold, alloyed with copper increasingly difficult. You can also a few rings white or Platinum alloys provide the shine. As well as material for Wedding Rings Titanium has popularity due to its unique properties. It is economical, durable and comes in the colors grey bronze. In recent years, deposits of tungsten carbide Platinum or gold used as material for wedding rings. Other cheaper materials such as stainless steel, alpaca is an alternative to the wedding rings. Aluminium, is almost never used while silver, copper or brass voices rarely do wedding rings.

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Style and fashion for him and her

The most popular type is the wedding ring clearly golden bands that come in different thicknesses and carat. Women have been typically narrow rings, a wider ring while the man for your wedding. The other ring has a design, so that when they excavated, they reflect a certain brightness in different directions. In addition, the ring is a combination of white and yellow gold to give a distinctive look.

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