Wedding Jewelry Strategies for Perfect Designs

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wedding jewelryWedding Jewelry Strategies for Perfect Designs-When you design a piece of jewelry to an individual, so many things to remember. Make the first person, whose drawings, form, style, and color for a specific type of design, including all requirements and restrictions that are necessary in a comfortable and functional pieces. Keep these issues in mind, the customers will receive a piece of jewelry, which fit the personality, lifestyle, and become part of the representation. In this way, the customer is one of jewelry, that could be an integral part of their wardrobe and still the favorite for many years and perhaps many generations. Are to retain the first and most important thing in mind:

Theme settings
The first important point is that the people who we are planning, male or female. It makes the work easier and designer with this knowledge can design adjuster. Also, should the age factor, concerned children, young and old when drawing. Do, but should be on a variety of jewelry of rings, earrings, pendants, brooches, necklaces, etc. creates are must…? This is the most important thing in mind to keep if all of the jewelry design for less mess here if more planning can result.

If we decide that these varieties are cured, it must be a real jewelry or costume.

Topic & events:
Once you have decided what kind of jewelry interest of the designer, to the client, in planning specify. For some time of the design of the client, sorted by themes such as love, music, etc.

So, we must plan the latest trend in health care issues to track. Along with this way things use for consumers, much, maybe a commitment, wedding, birthday, anniversary, day of Valentine, Deepawali, Idul Fitri, Christmas, collecting, etc…

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Jewelry size:
A particular size is necessary some pieces of jewelry to wear ring, bracelet, bracelets, necklaces, etc. Ring size it 5 may, 13 oz (15.7 to 22.5 m. m.). A ring can be used to determine the size. Publish your ring size from the near edge. The edge of the ring must be adapted according to the edge of the outer circle, the when ring appears between two sizes, fit larger sizes to buy. Standard size of a chain of 16 women can “long necklace, 17-18” obtained the clavicle and the string of pearls-30 “chest and below for the size of the standard chain men 18” neck and neck can be based on small, 8 “for the clavicle, the most used length for the size of the average person, 22” 24 “a few inches below the clavicle. As necklaces, to design rings and bracelets to a specific format. Standard size bracelet is 7.25 “average woman doll, 8.5” the average man or woman on the wrist with a large 9 “& doll for men with larger wrists. So remember the size factor also. The design will be excellent.

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Very important to sketch a converted flat first jewelry designer must prove that truly believes that you are making the metal in your design. What is a suitable aluminium, gold, silver, Platinum, brass, metal or other materials.

Almost every material known as high quality and aesthetic pieces, the less expensive in precious metal jewellery, precious gems and less product.

If customers of gold jewelry, the first, what to buy, we should think in the carat want. Carat is the unit of exchange of gold in a piece of jewelry. Pure 24 k gold is gold, but there is no 24 k gold jewelry, because it was far too malleable in the form of pure gold jewelry.

Popular in 18 carat (75%)-16 k (66.67%), diamond jewelry, 14 k (gold about 58%) and the k-12 (approximately 50%). And purity of 92.5 silver jewelry. A special popularity greatly has metal in the last decade more or less Platinum. Platinum is used for all types of jewelry.

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