Tutorial to Buying,Care and Cleaning Wedding Bands

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men wedding bandsThere is nothing more personal than our response to color. Color is the new language of passion, and nothing better than the unmistakable style of jewelry. Will leave styles wordlessly with bright colorless diamonds and fancy jewelry gemstone bright colors or fat.

Choose wedding ring

There are virtually hundreds of types of wedding rings for bride and groom. Traditional links for both are a simple, round gold ring, these days, it can be simple or complex, wide or thin jewel, dotted or not. It is not uncommon, even in the ring of the friend, find gemstone accents.

Traditionally, the women will receive two rings; on the basis of consent to the marriage and the second for the wedding ceremony. Today, this tradition is still the most popular choice. However, sometimes couples decide to marry are more important that match gems options and eliminates the need for engagement rings, if any. For example, diamonds, can instead of buying an engagement ring with a single Carat wedding ring followed by a simple, for the same diamond wedding ring price includes four carats of diamonds total weight around your finger to buy.

Diamond wedding ring then became the single point of contact and the symbolism of the ring around the simple symbolism of a diamond or other gemstone options. This can make an important and traditional aspect. Another example of buying a single diamond could be associated, so is it very large gold wedding rings, or combine gems, traditionally the former marriage to receive.

If you want to have one or two rings are largely private, but please make sure the option that participation may have influenced their decision. If too much, instead of waiting for the bride you should be the commitment period wedding anniversary in the position to choose, to an engagement ring, tasks have announcement and then change your status and upcoming events.

Considerations before you make a choice

So you the right choice for wedding rings, here are some important factors to consider.

Do engagement ring wedding ring show?

If you do not specify an engagement ring, it is very important to note how would be the wedding ring, with him in the hand. (I hope that reflect mate before your final decision about engagement rings, also to you). This is a good idea to try different styles of wedding rings and engagement rings to see how they look together. The width of the rim can greatly affect the possibility of working with the engagement ring. Also think, that certain details like Mil graining or some kind of large surfaces can occur if only used significantly, but the overall appearance, when together with the engagement ring used.

The width looks better?

Width is measured in millimeters of wedding rings. Women’s modest standard, gold or Platinum bands varies from 2 to 4 mm; It varies between 3-1/2 to 6 mm. bag size would be as wide as 10 mm. It is important to try, the same power range is different, because you will be surprised how different the effect that can be created by the width of the course. Very wide ring, uncomfortable feel, if you try to stop them. They will not get used to it. A very large band from the point of view of the design can welcome, please note that it may be less comfortable in a climate that is very charming.

Lieder a “Dish” or Panda “half turn”?

A band of flat plate, with the fingers, while the curved or semicircular dome is a little similar. The decision is purely a matter of personal taste.

Do you prefer doing appropriate bandwidth?

Nowadays, a large selection of wedding rings  offers most manufacturers for men and women.

Wool use a free engagement ring wedding ring?

If you think that you can often use his band without an engagement ring, you can a different group. Some women want to use, for example, only the Office staff; Some choose to wear their rings only in social situations. If you think that maybe in this case one search larger or more important for the band, can capture, which will remain independent.

Studded belt with jewel

Do-it must completely surrounds the stones ring?

It is a decision depends on the shape, budget, comfort and personal taste. I would much prefer that to stay is rock, while others want the fingers alone at the top of the ring. The main advantages of an outbreak to is that not to change you make your finger. A major drawback is that some jewels (the fingers) are serious in May that damages and losses take lead. The choice really is one of the economy; the size and quality of the stone and the width of the ring juggle, get a good look on a budget.

Tuning or riding arena?

When you select a type of jewelry with studs, make sure you really try the ring FIR finger properly. If not, you will find this ring very unpleasant feeling in a finger, the if was indeed very useful, if it fits. The same applies to rings with gemstones of the larger nipples. In addition are partial, a ring with a gemstone size, it is important for the comfort, which refers to the size of the ring.

Rings of the inheritance

The ring was passed down from one generation to the other brings history and family tradition and a romantic element. Add, and emotional values is difficult to match the new rings. In addition to “the legacy”, which was transmitted through families, young couples today enjoy a unique and distinctive character and craft in ancient rings and rings of days before you go. Old antique reproduction rings have become very popular and offers a distinctive look with nostalgic elements. Some of the most popular periods, including Art Nouveau (1895-1915) with flowers and curved lines, graceful are another feature of the image; Period Edwardian (1901-1914) and frilly character and romantic themes like floral arrangements; and clean time of Art Deco (1920-1930) and feeling too, geometric and use interesting ways, such as trapezoids, triangles, and the Crescent, often with little gem accents colors combined. Share of the 1950s and 1960s and simply gain in popularity.

If you wilt give a piece of real estate or as an engagement or the wedding ring, or you think about taking the jewels from a piece of heritage, should be that the stone of may not what they seem lined with especially if you are purchased from leading jewelry, or damaged, that it can cause problems if you install them remembered.

The first step is to have a piece that is evaluated by qualified expert gemologist. The review will ensure that the ring is what you think, fully demonstrate the quality and to determine whether a problem; ire. If the stone was chipped or broken, so that it may be susceptible to damage. In the full knowledge of precious stones, take the necessary precautions for the use or configuration.

Today there are many types of rings, which can be suitable for almost any gemstone, but think it a point when upgrading or new relic: some require individual agreements, more expensive than those already made, especially if the configuration with unusual shapes of the gemstone.

It is much easier and more convenient to have an environment that round one is to use stone. Gemstone, when the first round possible, custom settings, or qualified jewelry of other organs to form which is part of your jewelry.

Cracking is a good idea for any old piece of Platinum today investigations to a job or the work of the bridge can be made. A piece of Platinum began with sulfur acid Tin reclaimed and unstable to crack. Be sure to check for signs of damage in the region and elsewhere. Note: This must be done with the relic ring, repeat the ring for years, that the Crown jewels, experts can while retaining the original look and you’re done.

Care for your engagement and wedding rings

It brings your engagement and wedding rings more than just a piece of jewelry likely, so it is important to know how to maintain and protect. The following tips will help you in the proper care of your ring.

Trials not to touch the gemstone, you may sound, wearing their Rembrandt or pulled. On the other hand, take the ring and hold the metal pieces around your finger or a tree. To access the metal shaft, push the ring of power, which prevents that the accumulation of fat on the surface of the stone, affected the brightness and luster of the Pearl gemstone.

To keep the bright rings, get in the habit of “Polishing”. There is a little trick, we have for dirt and oily film on the surface of the stone (which occurs when you rings and lee, or sometimes “fingering” Sacha; most of us have unwittingly) to remove. He plays Bud is oily film coating upwards and the beauty of the gemstones is reduced. To restore the shine, who was only the “tantrum”. Keep the ring that is next to the mouth of “Huff” on it with the breath; You can see that the fog, bud and wipe with a soft cloth, such as a handkerchief, scarf or a coat sleeve blouse. You will be surprised how much better the ring easily removed oil film even from the surface!

Henchmen the ring not and set on the side of the sink is closed, unless you are sure. Remove also not of the ring, the hands to wash when you are not at home. Too many and/or missing rings have you all forgotten.

Underwent is not his ring in a kind of grunt work, such as cleaning the House, gardening or sports. Diamonds can also broken or damaged by hard knocks in a certain direction

Avoid contact with chlorine, the main ingredient in a swimming-pool disinfectants, bleaches and cleaners can families. Chlorine can lead you and your gold or platinum wedding rings corrosion and discoloration of the mounting ring.

Do not carelessly tossed in a case of jewelry. Can scratch diamonds, other precious stones are very easy and can scratch one another. To prevent scratching, released diamond jewelry for the case that in the tissue or soft cloth bag with divider or separate compartments or parts of the site in a soft or individually packed.

Reliable testing Board jewelry or ring every eighteen months, a secure environment, especially her nipples. If you’ve never heard (heard in the vicinity of stone or have), is a warning that the fork or the control should be strengthened. No solution to this problem can lead to the loss or damage of the diamonds or gemstones.

How to clean your jewelry

Keep your ring is very important, if you want to full brightness. Lotions, powder and skin oil film boring, their diamonds or gems, and it will reduce its brilliance and affect the color.

Very easy to clean. Wash to clean your rings, with warm, soapy water. This is probably the easiest way, any way to clean jewelery. Prepare your bowel, frothy hot water, use liquid detergent. Enjoy your ring for several minutes and gently with a soft brush, eyebrow brush, when you consider the sink with SOAP water sprinkle. Rinse thoroughly with water. Make sure that the drain is closed (some more)

For the cleaning of his ring of weddings or other gold jewelry without gemstones, much smell rub gently with a chamois cloth recovery. Muddy waters can be removed with a solution of water, adding a few drops of ammonia and SOAP. Use a soft brush, rinse rings with this brush with warm water and dry with a soft cloth. Grease can be removed by immersing in alcohol.

While the most convenient jewelry cleaner advertising is not always as efficient as the above proposed methods. Leave jewelry never the weeks of precious stones, colored in commercial disinfectant for longer than a few minutes. Leave the stone as Emerald or Amethyst into some commercial cleaning products for a long time can surface of the engraving, which makes the reputation this gem.

You not use an ultrasonic cleaning for more gemstones and clean jewelry with diamonds and gold should be limited. Wash jewelry with soapy water, warm, easy, effective and safe for all.

Keep jewelry

It is important to enjoy your rings with caution, store in a dry place. Avoid extremes of in temperature and humidity. Keep you are the jewels, precious stones, pearls, gold and silver coins separately, to avoid scratches. Soft Pouch jewelry store or wrapped in a soft cloth (or, with the exception of pearls in Diploids types of plastic) to protect.

The jeweler, not overcrowding. This can lead to placement or the detachment of fragments, which may be unnoticed by the fall. Forced into a jewelry box can cause damage, curved piece of fragile or jump from a delicate jewel. 

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