Tungsten Wedding Bands Pretty Durable to Withstand Everyday Use

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tungsten wedding bands wood inlayTungsten Wedding Bands Pretty Durable to Withstand Everyday Use-If you do decide to get married, it will be one of the most important decisions about your ring. Traditionally, gold, white gold, silver and Platinum in a wedding ring can be used. But today, the choice of metal in General reflect changing tastes and lifestyles. Tungsten carbide is one of the new metal jewelry designer, wedding ring, have started art to a wide variety of styles, and designs for every taste and budget.

What is tungsten carbide?

Yes is the same tungsten metal very hard and dense, with the highest melting point of all metals-6, 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Only, it is subject to scratches and damage than other metals, extreme violence in combination with a mixture of carbon, tungsten from tungsten carbide, turning them into violent between 8.5 and 9.5 Mohs hardness scale. The power of tungsten carbide has since spread decades in the industrial sector, four times stronger than titanium, twice hard as steel and almost impossible to scratch. The resulting metal can be designed in a large wedding ring good visual eye and durable enough to resist to meet everyday. This ring can appropriate extreme routes such as diamond grinding wheels or tap it with a hammer.

tungsten wedding bands with diamonds

Choose your wedding ring made of tungsten carbide

Make sure you ask to the metal in jewelry or binding process is complete. Wedding ring, a largely produce many manufacturers of tungsten carbide with cobalt Binder because it is inexpensive. The problem with the cobalt is this band with the oil of the skin and cause rust rings leech. Oxidation is similar to spotted sliver, but not by polishing or grinding away are. A better choice is tungsten carbide nickel-binder is chemically inert and does not oxidize and the risk of skin irritation is therefore hypoallergenic. Make sure that you are dealing with jewelry that does not specify that their wedding rings tungsten are Binder alloy made of nickel. Many jewelers know not the sale of the League, and if you don’t know, is the possibility of the cobalt based alloy or pure tungsten, has a hardness of tungsten carbide and scratches easily.

tungsten wedding bands with black diamonds

The extent of the extreme hardness of tungsten carbide wedding rings, from these metals not as a ring made of gold, silver or Platinum. If you want to buy, make sure that you are careful when finding the right size. On tungsten carbide rings are cut, perhaps, but the results of very faint and difficult to read.

Finally, since tungsten wedding ring, tungsten carbide is indestructible, is useful for a guaranteed, in particular against damage. In normal use have little or even no wear of Poland and consistency in its ring of weddings in tungsten carbide and no need to use the warranty.

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