Tungsten Wedding Bands- Comparison of Titanium and Tungsten Wedding Bands

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tungsten wedding bands with diamondsTungsten Wedding Bands- Comparison of Titanium and Tungsten Wedding Bands-Tungsten and titanium are “Metal model” in the field of jewelry because they are not available for the consumer market as a commodity which a decade ago. Since its introduction and an integral part of the spectrum have gained great popularity.

Many questions on tungsten and titanium are a little exposure, when it comes to the choice of jewelry. Here are some points to keep in mind if you are seriously considering to buy titanium or tungsten wedding rings.

1. The Violence

Tungsten and titanium are known for violence than traditional metals such as gold, silver and Platinum. Note that one thing is, that it is not metal in its pure form with violence, it is a combination of where to do that. About the hardest carbide is harder than titanium alloy and only in extreme cases, such as the diamond polishing, is already broken.

2 . Ductility

Titanium is more elastic than tungsten alloys generally used in jewelry. In other words, if a wedding ring under high pressure, such as in the door of the cabin, Titanium is ring the last curve, while tungsten carbide rings should be divided into different parts. So is safer with tungsten carbide rings in terms of security.

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3. Anti-allergic

Is the same as silver jewelry for some people to buy: I’m allergic to jewelry? In General, almost certainly is used for all titanium jewelry. Cobalt contains elements of some people who are allergic to some jewels of tungsten carbide. Interesting who is allergic to nickel is, other forms of tungsten alloys with nickel as a hypoallergenic metal Binder, also for people.

4. Weight

Titanium is lighter than the tungsten, or better, has a low population density. Titanium alloys are about 90% more than the weight of stainless steel approx. 43% lighter than steel and tungsten carbide.

5 Colors

Titanium reacts with various chemicals and alloys of different colors. Jewelers use coat anodized titanium ring model. Black titanium is another form of the alloy of titanium with gray scale tones are used. On the other hand, usually only in the black tungsten carbide.

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6. The Price

Titanium jewelry are usually cheaper than those, mainly because of differences in equipment and environmental control for their production Wolfram Jewelry. Tungsten carbide is approximately 6000 temperature Fahrenheit, which in half-empty or hydrogen should be.

7 . Size

Titanium wedding rings can be engraved and format. A tungsten carbide rings are too difficult to cut or changed. Although it is possible the size will be very weak and hard to read letters. So, if you buy the ring, titanium ring for himself.

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