Titanium wedding rings vs tungsten wedding rings

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Titanium Wedding RingsNew competition can now add to the list: Titan vs tungsten. It is the discussion on the latest jewelry and wedding bands for men. But what with all the parties in this war? Perhaps my personal experience with both.

First of all a gentleman of the ring was never too much. In fact, I used never much jewelry of any kind. I have a class ring, which is good, but as with most ring class (championship rings), it is too big to regularly use. Fast forward a few months before my wedding, and I had to get a wedding ring, the sensitivity and commitment of a lifetime for my wife soon-be has represented. I have some options: silver, gold, white (not yellow gold type person) and titanium. Three, the titanium is the actual cost and, Oh yes, we come to the point, “cool”. Is a wedding ring metal differently, something I have not seen that many people have voted.

When I choose my titanium ring, was the first, thing, which I’ve seen light. I’ve never felt in my hand. Unfortunately, she saw the day before on their honeymoon. Scratches. You are good on all the surface brushed look. My wedding ring is misused! And the first full day to wear it! I tried the scratches from washing and polishing, in vain, to hide. I have a friend, jewelry was Poland and although bright, shiny got to see wear still signs for a lightweight titanium ring. And here is something that I did not know that you want to select different types of titanium rings, see many people. Frankly, I’m ashamed my partner show. She told me that no matter what and wear that I can see. I am also convinced, that you are finally cover the entire surface and make it soft and even more on the surface.

But as the last time, he found uses new metal in the tungsten carbide wedding ring for man. He saw it and talk to the experts to learn more about this new material. The first thing that caught my attention: do not scratch. Once. I don’t think so. I’ve heard the same titanium ring, when before I watched it and see where that gets me. What I see is similar in titanium and tungsten carbide. In fact, tungsten carbide, since the industry me really draws. Stand in the crowd out. And the choice of style! Tungsten carbide can be made into many interesting comments. Faceted tungsten surface wound, you really shine. Not to mention the studded with gold, silver and Platinum. And of course the tungsten carbide oblique and confused than titanium rings.

But I’m still skeptical about what the initial resistance. I have seen it on several different levels. I’ve tried, the file, asphalt, and the good ol’ ‘ knock it to. There are no step-by-step and the brightness of the surface of the rings made of tungsten carbide. I feel that I have found the greatest secret of jewelry! In addition, I was surprised by the weight. Tungsten carbide is aluminum alloy, with violence and resistance. But unfortunately, the ring is very similar to my heavy titanium bracelet.

With the blessing of my wife, I made my decision in titanium carbide with pronunciation. In my mind, there is no debate. Tungsten carbide offers the beauty and uniqueness of metals such as titanium, but by the power, resistance and violence differently than anything else. I hope that my wedding ring and the dissemination of knowledge of the material. Above all, I believe that I need my marriage vows, exemplifies makes no value for money am married.

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