Titanium Wedding Bands-The Properties of Titanium

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brushed titanium wedding bandsTitanium Wedding Bands-The Properties of Titanium-If you have considered a titanium wedding ring wedding cakes, are here 5 reasons why you can:

1. Titanium wedding rings are unique and original

Most women who dream of their wedding, because they are still young. You want to be special, unique and unforgettable. The majority of the wedding rings is done with a process that is used for soft metals such as gold frame. As Titanium is very difficult, metal must be performed from a block. This makes the two rings are exactly the same.

2. not the same settings pin’ ‘ old

Status Quo wedding rings are kept from a band of gold and diamonds, through her nipples. Hardness of titanium can accentuate the settings of stones to use, where the stones ‘Magic’ in the local press have been exposed to the edge of the band. This process cannot be done with soft gold or platinum metals. It is a style of the alliances that are found only in a titanium wedding ring.

his and hers titanium wedding bands

3 light and durable

The properties of the titanium is ideal for wedding rings. It is one-third the weight of gold and Platinum, but strong as steel. If you are not to wear jewelry uses only see that you a new ring light. Scratches not easily are also by Titan on their wedding rings away simply polished.

4. You pay less for what you’ve got for the gold or Platinum

The price of gold and Platinum are high enough, cause that transfer these costs to you the consumer. Although Titan was even cheap, the alliances are closer to prints of Russia gold ring to produce. Some simple gold bands will cost around $400 or $1000 for a band of Platinum and that without diamonds! Some simple titanium bands can more than 100 dollar cost. A clear profitable without value, quality and elegance.

titanium wedding bands cross

5 Non-allergic-Titan

If you bought a wedding ring with alloy of gold and nickel, which are not under the 15% of people who are allergic to nickel. You would like to use the wedding of all time-ring and need not take due to allergic reaction. Titanium is a metal clean and rarely mixed with nickel, metals often allergens. Most people do not develop an allergy to titanium wedding ring. In fact, Titan was so sure that it is used in dentistry and a pacemaker implant.

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