Titanium Wedding Bands-5 Style of the Stone Setting and Unique Design

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titanium wedding bands crossTitanium Wedding Bands: 5 Style of the Stone Setting and Unique Design-Would you look all brides on their wedding day?

I don’t think so.

What can a wedding ring made of titanium with a unique design and a special attitude towards the stone? Available to satisfy even the most dedicated bridal gowns.

A typical gold wedding rings there are to establish a branch with diamonds. The problem is the cradle and stone stands out and gets entangled in the clothes, etc… Furthermore, the diamond, the cradle is thin and fragile, prone to fall mainly to the use of his ring from time to time.

We know that you plan your marriage last a long time. Therefore a call duration must be both the  will be. Solution: Titanium wedding rings. There are five main styles.

1. Voltage adjustment

Hardness of titanium can stress the settings of stones to use, where the stone “Miracle” has been published in exposed location at the end of the band. Press for this image with thumb and forefinger. To configure a gem among them manually. Press your thumb and forefinger shop precious stones are exposed. This is done not with soft gold or Platinum, titanium metal.

titanium infinity wedding bands

2 conical bore

Looking for a totally different? Wearing Titanium with a conical volume 24? The hole can be set with cubic zirconia, if you prefer. Or you can just a band with stone in two small diamonds, embedded into the conical bore is highlighted.

3. Select a channel

A screen with the bold with a wide notch brushed titanium band, is very unique. Can a few channels centered or offset, depending on the taste. Perfect for a wedding.

brushed titanium wedding bands

4 Band polishing

A band is very bright and round Titanium is ideal for lovers of simplicity.

5. Original etchings

Due to the hardness of titanium for perfect ring engraved. Make a band of titanium flat engraved with dragons or Phoenix. This style is definitely not for everyone. But that could be just the thing you are looking for.

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