The secret to choosing wedding ring !

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You’ve heard the “4 CS” smart buy diamonds. But what about a wedding ring? The wedding ring is not the most expensive purchase marriage in contrast to spending between $1,000 $ 10,000 in a sparkling diamond stones. Didn’t spend much time researching the purchase of a wedding but many people you may end up with them more often and day to day, the her engagement ring.

Make the right choice when you buy your wedding ring. or do you prefer to design the traditional plain or  wedding band? You want to see the budget for the brand of designer or rather forget the brand name and understand for essentially the same ring without a “Name”, so significantly less cost?

Marriage plain rings

You might want to consider a band that clearly prefer a simple design or not “jewelry”. If a piece of jewellery was often a woman shopping for the wedding rings of their husbands held an unusual band because their husbands “in contrast to the jewels”. I recommend usually a narrow level, wedding, ribbons, gold, white or Yellow Gold 4 mm wide band. Although the band could feel anyone more comfortable wear much jewelry in a band closer to 6 / 7 mm or 8 mm on a broader level for the majority of men. Wedding ring (measured in millimeters. It is a band of 4 mm-sobre. 25 wide).

If someone was looking for something with a little more than just design, but still a band, slim design, that I refer to it can easily, as a ring of weddings for criticism itself. Critics of the band were still unclear, but there is something more interesting than a clear link.

Design Group

There are many types of wedding ring designs to choose from such as braided band wedding band, band hammered paisley design, and other unique designs such as Celtic wedding rings. Types of wedding ring you choose is a personal decision. There is no scientific or design choose practice, rather than mostly the couple decides what kind of design you want.

Only for practical reasons, which you can see at the selection of a partner with the design is the idea that trends come and go and designers hope you get, that it forever. Another consideration to determine whether the ring of daily wear and tear and wear the type of ring can be kept safely. It is usually the type of work or occupation or hobbies.

Do you work with your hands? Works or seat, is not hard on your hands, what kind of work? When purchasing a band, if you are planning to use his ring, to jobs, to consider a critical design group you might be physically exhausting or just raw, which designs stand up to wear and tear. You can stay away from fabric wedding ring, for example. If you a COP and wants to use his ring in the workplace! If “outside person” and rude, had a pact with little design that could be damaged. Remember, there are extreme cases. Published wedding ring more difficult lichens and also in most cases.

The design of the mark or design Ribbon

Most religions, on the market today on day do not really exist rings a brand Designer, but are, in my opinion, the same quality as brand design ring. The difference with the design of the brand and generic version is mainly the price. Tyre is more design come to $300$ 350 vs. $600-$800 for the right ring with the name created by famous designers.

However, if you pay 2-3 times more is no significant difference for you, you should consider in considering that a trademark for its name only can buy or for security reasons. Shop for a wedding, either the name of the designer or not, make sure that your wedding or jewellery shop, guarantees and warranties understand policy. Often, generic brand offers the same safety, quality, and warranty. So why pay more?

Gold, white, yellow or bicolored

Furthermore, is above all a personal choice, but there are some things to consider when choosing a type of metal or color wedding ring.

White Gold is more suitable for those who do not usually big make it jewelry holder. White Gold is also something more modern, although highly fashionable yellow gold trends returned can recommend to get. Ultimately decide you need yellow or white gold depending on your personal preference, rather than following trends, trends for come and go and be forever to use his ring! A two-color gold can also be considered. Two wedding rings is a good compromise between the smooth and rich in tone, and they serve a purpose, tend to ignore the people.

Two-tone wedding ring offers flexibility both yellow and white gold, as well as a variety of other jewelry wedding jewelry. At the time of purchase, futures tend to buy white gold white gold jewelry. Use yellow or two-tone gold you can collide with white gold rings. The same can said about the yellow made of pure gold. But with the wedding two tones, you all can yellow gold rings or watches, for example, and the Exchange and the color wear the jewelry. This increased flexibility for the jewelry line.

The price of the reference

Use standard, to evaluate when you load the jewelry, the you you to choose, or if they are reasonable.

1.You expect between $100$ 150 for a normal, traditional wedding rings to spend.

2.He expects that about $300 for a standard, but with a design that emit the highest quality wedding ring.

3.You expect between $600-$800 to spend for a designer brand.

Keep in mind that you share not the extra cost of the designer brand can if you can pretty much the same ring without a ‘Name’. Above all the choice you need on your own or with your partner. Forget think about trends, and in the long term. $300 is more than 50 years of his life in less than a cent per day! Not too much to take. Select the desired ring. He wants to bring his ring forever.

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