The Secret to choose the best wedding jewelry

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wedding jewelryThe Secret to choose the best wedding jewelry-The wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most memorable days of our lives and organize and plan for weeks and months to make this incredible moment as perfect as possible, even to the last detail. And one of them is the right choice of what goes better with not only selected clothes, but carry hairstyle, wedding, shape of the face and body jewelry.

Looking for a great piece of jewelry for your special day, here are some tips on how to choose the best Jewelry for your wedding day.

Start everything first, may come out of beads. The Pearl is the choice of the suite honeymoon. They complement the costume or dress preferences are White Pearl, pink, blue or black will be beautiful elegance pure, clean and simple. And the Pearl with the color or style, it complements also each skin a safe choice.

In addition, it has to do with the style of your hair. If you have long hair and you want to use, you can take something that will show better than men. After all, you like the earrings major and aware of how much light a. The reverse would be true if you choose to use it if you have short hair. Do not want your earrings at this time there, wants to reduce to a minimum the necklace and earrings with something smaller.

Now, the shape of the face has a lot to do with the choice of wedding jewelry. If you are lucky enough to have a width of the lower jaw of the rectangle or photogenic, once again the necklace or pendant will fit, long earrings and suspension of your line of sight.

If you look closely, and the budget is a problem, even silver or gold are parts 14 k that won’t break the Bank and the quality of jewellery is designed to the most complex. Diamond did not do break the Bank and as beads go with what your wedding dress – except perhaps the marriage took place during skydiving or scuba diving. Well, maybe also works. But what is the choice of jewelry, choose the best quality possible, so they can transmit as mentioned above.
Just a reminder. comparison with harder stones and pearls and precious stones diamonds does not easily spoil other softer little need more attention, I am sure that save the stones. Want to rub in the face causing scratches or stains on his gift of jewelry handicap and navigate the chemical products that are not possible to cause damage during cleaning.

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