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Tungsten wedding rings tipsThe typical day of the wedding ring is made of metal as General gold, Platinum, titanium and silver. However tungsten wedding rings to gain popularity due to some quality jewelry in the market. Tungsten is detected its sustainability and violence despite the fragility than the metal itself. However, when this is combined with an alloy such as nickel are stronger than titanium. In addition, sheen of the polished tungsten rings for a long time will take.

Tungsten wedding rings are very resistant to scratching and lasting shine. Instrument of rigid steel only, you can scratch a tungsten ring little or no, and even if you are the damage at all. Wedding rings tungsten can usually only scratches from heavy as diamond objects.
Perhaps you are interested in, that a few tungsten for your wedding rings. But before that you need to carefully plan and some choices for the perfect pair. First, you should know that the width of the ladies rings are wedding usually in the range of 4 to 6 mm, while men tend to wedding rings, 6 mm – 8 mm.

It must also recognize that the fact that the heavy metal, Tungsten makes it quite fat ring, increasingly in his finger. To determine the size of the ring, you must collect the ring and not the end. This helps you to make a better fit.

There are a number of tungsten wedding ring designs. The most common design is the dome of the FA, Quarry, or marquetry. Consider some of the simple and elegant design for your choice of tungsten wedding ring. Therefore, you can check to buy the layering of tungsten wedding rings for her.

Some argue that tungsten wedding ring offers confidential, nickel, but actually with the cobalt. The disadvantage is that the cobalt as a reaction of the skin and skin can cause. In addition, the ring of cobalt have low resistance to scratches and has a shorter duration compared with tungsten carbide rings. The price is an easy way for a cobalt-tungsten rings. The value is relatively cheaper and would be equal to the value of the silver.

On the other hand, the price of tungsten carbide rings ring to be fair as gold or Platinum. Right, tungsten carbide rings will cost more than cobalt tungsten. But we must remember the wedding ring that will last a lifetime.

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