Platinum Wedding Bands Vs White Gold

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dark platinum wedding bands
dark platinum wedding bands

Platinum Wedding Bands Vs White Gold- I always have problems with Platinum. The names in contrast to the language of gold and silver sound only roles made Platinum scientific, boring.

This brings me memories so horrific chemical and harrowing hours consumed in the periodic table.

But look beyond the name is not attractive, and you’ll see that it has a lot of wonderful features ideal for engagement rings.

From the beginning of knowledge what they say that diamonds are a symbol of love for the pure resistance forces Mour the stone shows?

Now, I will not disappoint, but seems not bad RIP in a beautiful metaphor, if you notice, that bracelet saves white gold, the precious stones in the back several times as a salary should be layered and brightness slowly fades with age?

It is simply not the case with Platinum.

Take part in the gold rush

White Gold is an alloy is produced by mixing of yellow and white gold extra metal such as silver. If you want to keep the high white, are often the back plate white gold rings thanks. This is not only very uncomfortable; Also relentlessly burning hole in your pocket.

white gold wedding band set
white gold wedding band

In contrast to white gold, Platinum, grey. Never lost a bright spark, causing the purity of nature but months maintained over the years.

Are you ever heard, the hope diamond 45,52 light blue ct diamonds famous in the world or the Taylor-Burton, 241ct jaw drop diamond jewels include the late Elizabeth Taylor?

This beautiful jewelry, two have one thing in common; Jewels are, tasked it is Platinum choice – to select the setting of the stones as the precious metal and has been selected for good reason.

Platinum is one to get the safest way to the diamond in place. The power of this precious metal ensures that it rarely is broken branches or their participation in the battered band. The resistance of these metals make a favorite for those who want to design their own engagement or wedding ring.

That is not to deny, a golden ring can be costly. It is much more rare precious metal gold. Rarely something questions?

Now, for Platinum, which are awarded each year, there are 15 times more gold is extracted. It is also more than the pure gold metal; 90-95% Purity and in most cases against 58.5% gold, 14 Carat ring.

However, some rings are Platinum and Iridium 10 Iridium 90% is more expensive and then Platinum rings are 90/10 is expensive and difficult to 100%.

Examine what technical command of White Gold Platinum prices, you have to understand, that is the unique properties of this precious metal. Higher density, for example, requires more effort and solid tools for drilling and banging.

Platinum Wedding Bands
Platinum Wedding Bands

How can you identify a gold ring?

For a start, at the end of the axis of the ring the 950PT, search PT950 symbols such as or 950PLAT. These symbols tell the percentage of Platinum used in the League. For example, PT950 means pure Platinum part 950 per thousand and one other piece of metal and PT1000.

In addition, a certain size platinum ring is heavier than an equal and middle rings, gold or silver. This is the difference, you immediately when you hear Platinum Rings.

Close to perfection?

How durable such as Platinum, can scratches cause. If the ring is ready to recognize Alta-Polonia, scratches, easily. However unlike other metal surfaces, create separate Platinum and NULL space without the metal to lose.

So be smart no doubt buyers considering a ring of commitment for precious metals. Your first choice of a lover do it superior durability, maintenance costs and the ability to the diamonds in place.

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