Mens Wedding Bands Wood Inside

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Mens Wedding Bands Wood Inside – Carbon Fiber ring with bentwood Santos Rosewood, This ring consists of Aerospace quality carbon fiber and also natural color wood, no dyes or stains. Scrape immune layer keeps the carbon fiber looking terrific for ages. Small scratches could conveniently be rubbed away with usual automotive polishing solutions.
These rings start with a bentwood linear. The expression “bentwood” comes with the strategy of bending a thin strip of timber around itself plenty of times. This prevents the feeble end-grain found in simple lathe cut wood rings. After the wood is shaped-up it gets wrapped using a lone object of 12k (12,000 person fibers) of aerospace grade carbon fiber. Once handled this is one exceptionally strong ring, Rings can be made in coordinated collections for a wedding band. Every one of my rings is totally hand made with might hours of love and labor!
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