Men’s diamond wedding rings on 4 c at the time of purchase to remember

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men's diamond wedding ringsMen’s diamond wedding rings on 4 c at the time of purchase to remember-Buy men’s diamond can be one of the most difficult decisions and the most important wedding ring in your life. Unfortunately, often the wedding planning in the foreground’s troubles, and the band was subsequently purchased. If you buy your ring, make sure you have considered the 4 C as a diamond. Want your ring for the rest of his life a precious material aesthetically and emotionally.

C 4 applies the guidelines of the standards for the purchase of diamonds. The higher the quality of the individual elements and a valuable diamond.

What is 4 c?

1. Cutting. Although it the quality of the cut often is confused with him, not the shape of the Court, but on the contrary. The effect of brightness and brilliance of the diamond.

2 Clarity. The clarity of a diamond to tell whether in the rocks there are shortcomings. It is very rare and expensive, finding a perfect view. Many imperfections in diamonds, but not be seen unless the 10 x zoom usually good for a ring.

3. Color. If not specifically for a colored diamond, which is rare, but can be very good, look normally not diamond. The color in the range of all colored diamonds yellow/brown.

4. Carat. Carat refers to a diamond size depends on weight. Each Carat is equal to 2 grams or 200 mg. Although this attribute affect more influence, price the beauty of the most diamonds.

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