Mens diamond ring makes a perfect compromise of brands

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mens diamond ringsTraditionally, the woman, who after asking to marry, was presented with a diamond engagement ring. Mens Ring, in the days of old, unheard. But in this day and age of equality between the sexes and the acceptance of a man, there is no reason that a man should marry his love to his girlfriend on her finger. Will argue that some people with the idea of the involvement of men ring, and here are the most common argument (and as they brush):

“It falls to the people.” Many argue that a male man never diamonds, use because only striking. The funny thing is that people who have done it all wrong. In the Animal Kingdom, the man who is easier to make, visually appealing while is the man who fights for attention with wild colors and large feathers. A man who dared a diamond ring, which is tasty, is someone who knows how to put it together to carry it should not as big and clear as a Peacock, but a sense of fashion will lead to wild women. Striking do to? Maybe the confidence of the people have in less.

“Degrading women”. Another argument is that the rock on her finger must be unique diamonds and that people who insist to compete with their own awareness of the rock with his girlfriend. Engagement ring is not your area. Ahh, but what is it sexist attitude! A modern man would never take the focus off your ring or his girlfriend, and he knows it. He wants that the diamonds, to know for sure that you that the same value, if a woman with a rock is not tied to your finger because he is the embodiment of love. You do not stick to his value as a measure of the man with him.

“This is not a tradition.” This is the argument more lazy than many, recourse to the idea that everything in the Union, has to be always so. Now, to keep only the water as an argument. There to observe many aspects of the “traditional” wedding ceremonies, because of the opinion that the old-fashioned saturated the modern times. Also the traditional dowry – is still waiting?

There are many more arguments against diamond engagement rings of mens – but the only thing which is important is that there is something, that the couple is engaged. Others should respect their decisions, or simply remain silent.

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