Men Wedding Bands-What Makes a Wedding Band cause Allergies?

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men wedding bands titaniumMen Wedding Bands-What Makes a Wedding Band cause Allergies?-Wedding rings and wedding bands for men to be applied daily and it should be designed accordingly. The ring was exposed to rain, sweat, scratches on a daily basis. Everyday life to resist most rings are gold 14 k and 18 k, silver, Platinum and titanium constructed. Gold 24 karat gold has no other article and very soft. pure gold or gold 14 k and 18 k, 14 k gold is 36.2% pure and 18 k is 75% pure, with the rest made other alloys such as silver, zinc, copper, palladium and nickel. It is this combination that caused an allergic reaction nickel is the main cause, but also the key data elements make gold more resistant to corrosion and durability.

Are the options in the hypo-allergenic jewelry?

There are many options in hypoallergenic jewelry. Silver, Platinum and titanium Sterling not only beautiful alternative to gold, but are pure. Titanium rings are pure and 100% hypoallergenic.

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Platinum or Platinum is the rarest and most precious metals. It is also the most expensive. This is usually 90 pure 95% and weighed much like gold twice. Other includes copper, cobalt and Palladium alloys are zinc. It tarnishes as gold and brightness in the course of time not to lose, but it can scratch and patina over the years. There are many positive aspects to Platinum, but they are not for everyone. The price was a barrier for many, and some people like not the weight of Platinum, to love others.

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rings titanium rings titanium wedding rings and men are becoming more popular. Titan is 99 + % pure and chemically inert and therefore absolutely corrosion resistant. Does not respond to salt water, Sun or any body chemistry and is 100% hypoallergenic. Titanium ring always condensation such as gold or silver and is more durable than any other element. Titanium is very light and also less expensive than Platinum. Platinum, gold and silver, you have style and functionality to victims, to reduce weight and costs.

More people to find who is allergic to certain metals, special alloys of nickel, which is used in many rings of gold and jewelry on a daily basis, is useful only to open our eyes to alternative such as titanium and platinum group metals. According to a study by the clinic can last year in contact dermatitis, itching, redness, blisters, and the cause of two of the nickel and gold carried out in which. Titan offers rich elegant tones of platinum in much more attractive female Wedding band. Titanium rings are at the forefront in jewelry design. There is no other metal experienced a dramatic rise in popularity as a Titan.

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