Men Wedding Bands-5 Type of Metal the Best for You

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men wedding bands infinityGold

Gold is the most popular metal for use in the men’s rings and wedding bands for men. Gold is dense, soft, shiny and soft metals, fragile and pure. Pure gold has a bright yellow color and luster traditionally considered attractive, who defended without oxidation in air or in water. These beautiful and precious metal and is very common in all types of jewelry.


Platinum wedding ring is the man many reasons traditional gold wedding ring more popular. The typical Platinum, long-lasting and powerful and a variety of different style wedding ring is available for men and women. It was a beautiful silvery white metal gold is soft and fragile.


Titanium is generally more expensive than gold, but also longer. Titanium jewelry can be used every day with little maintenance. If necessary, they can be cleaned with jewels. Titan has remained intact through years of wear, jewelry also very robust, no disability remains the color. An increasingly popular choice for men’s wedding rings created all the benefits of titanium jewelry.

men rose gold wedding bands


Violence in tungsten, ensure sustainable beauty. High and bright permanently bright tungsten scratches from Poland take wedding ring longer than any metal, ever the public offered to resist. About ten times harder than 18 k gold, four times harder than titanium.

He polished aspects very durable to reflections. Nice conventional bands if they are new because the design and sharp and polished edge. Because this same 12 months normal ring wear every day and the overall look and especially the detailed design are long and boring, even with Platinum.

men wedding bands gold

Stainless steel

The flexibility of the wedding in the stainless steel ring is highly desirable. Although it’s easy gold or Platinum, or voltage, and for this reason, the precious metal it very carefully, to treat ringing the same attention to detail is no request with stainless steel and this attraction makes many.

However, if you, the right solution begins wait eternal brightness for the traditional elegance of the gold or Platinum, tungsten or titanium or the durability and value of stainless steel, you and your partner, if you live your life together.

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