Gold Wedding Bands Shopping Tips

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gold wedding bandsGold Wedding Bands Shopping Tips-When it comes to buying gold partner, can be confused things quickly. What is the color of gold, that you want? What will fit whatever your style of life of the mold?

Gold is the most popular choice for wedding rings and a very popular dress rings, bracelets, necklaces and watches. Gold is easy with customize. The golden wedding ring there are three things in mind to keep, while looking at.

First, you need to consider the number of oxidation. Karat measures the proportion of pure gold with other metals to form alloys is mixed. There are a number of carat gold, but most of the House work 9 carat, 14 k gold and 18 k gold. 18 Carat gold ring has more than 14 Karat, 18 karat gold becomes more expensive. Although there are more than 18 carats Carat ring, General Agreement, of 22 karat gold, 24-Karat and too soft to make a male partner.

Karat stamp appears not the durability and hardness of gold, however. When you choose your wedding ring, it is very important to their way of life. How often do you want to use? Do you work with your hands? Can the ring be easily scratched or bent?

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Metal hardness is measured by the Vickers scale so called. The higher the score, the more hard metal of Vickers. 9 Carat gold ring 120 18kt has a Vickers score of difference has a value of 125 is easy 9 carat gold and 18 karat gold ring the same in relation to violence.

Then consider the golden color. Gold is available in many different colors: yellow, white, pink and lime. Wedding rings can be created using two or three different shades of gold, the creation of a single color.

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Alloys of gold, if you want to make different colors. For example, created pink gold with a mixture of pure gold with a copper alloy. This gives a reddish copper colour. Yellow Gold White Gold white metal alloy and gold (silver and palladium) are a mixture of gold, copper and pure zinc, while aluminium alloys metal

Natural gold have shades of gray, which is covered by the rhodium. Rhodium also serves to jewelry impede, but after about 12-18 months. Re  Showing make your jewelry gold-plated in your local jewelry store.

There are many options when it comes to a wedding ring, but should finally sure to take the right decision for you and your lifestyle. Finally, the ring is a symbol of love and marriage, so it should fit perfectly.

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