Gold Wedding Bands-Secret of Two Tone Gold Wedding Bands

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gold wedding bandsTwo tone gold wedding ring is a great new trend in jewelry design. The ring is created when the yellow and white gold interspersed in interesting design. Since there are many different colors of gold, depending on the extra added, to increase the gold metal, hardness and durability, many beautiful combinations on the market. Two tone wedding rings are custom made, so usually only with the imagination and the creativity of the designers. The band can exists in a variety of broad and designed with decorative accents or design are written.

The composition of the

Two tone gold wedding rings are made with two colors of gold in creative and eye-catching design. For example you intertwine two gold colors so that they seem stranded between two wires. Sometimes various colors gold braids should look like. The focus of gold can gold, white or yellow gold. Golden surface can be smooth or with a free template that make or use a template such as the Celtic Cross engraved. The band can be subtle and recurring motifs in the model.

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Usually two, a color tone wedding ring gold or golden color is placed in their vicinity. There are one or two bands of colour change, but there are many narrow white or yellow gold bands. The ring started most of the tube made of precious metals, which has no seams. Cut the pipe to the specified width and the edges of the stain. When you create a two-tone ring is fused with the first ring void second is a unit with two colors of gold.

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For the surfaces of the two tone wedding ring decorations. This can be a standard such as hatching eggs, cross-border, chain, braided or include the rope. These decorations add to make interest on the surface of the ring and attractive. Floral design is sometimes used because some flowers have a meaning, expressing a feeling of the ring. Cross for an indefinite period is growing in popularity with themes of Celtic knots symbols of Celtic ring. So far, the work with a machine that allows you to standardize the final product takes place.


Phases of production from two tone gold set wedding band include grinding or polishing the ring Burr cracks, so shiny and check all holes in any part of the ring. Identification marked as trademarks published on the ring and jewelry or Distributor is ready for delivery in a warehouse. Manufacturer too much pride on the product, knowing that a wedding ring should be used for life and that the Union perfection.

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