Gold Wedding Bands are The Most Popular Choice for Men

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gold wedding bands for men with diamondGold Wedding Bands are The Most Popular Choice for Men -Gold is still the most popular choice for men’s wedding rings. Pure gold is 24 carat gold and dark color yellow, very soft, malleable. The only thing to note is wedding ring gold and carat color or combination of colors that are available with the purchase of gold.

Men wedding rings are usually contains 14 9 ct CT, 18 k gold and. The higher shows used the percentage of gold, the cost and the value of the metal. All of these mentioned metal oxide wedding ring is sturdy and durable and suitable for everyday use.

On the market right now, gold is available in many different colors. The most popular is still gold, followed by white gold and Rose gold. Occasionally in other gold colors such as bronze, peach, gold, red, and lime juice available. Each gold color contains the same proportion of pure gold which has all the color gold, that the same Carat will have the same Vickers score. White Gold is usually more expensive than yellow gold and rose gold.

rose gold wedding bands for men

If you buy a wedding ring, one must consider performance in daily use and the price difference and the color of the metal. Studies show that the possession of the ring of 18 carats per day is 9-14 Karat and carat opposite behavior. In addition better 9 CT at the age of 18 karat and 14 ct and so better with everyday look. 18 CT is the superior metal for men wedding rings also, assuming that the ring is not a lightweight construction, although it is more expensive, that 14 Karat and 14 Karat.

gold wedding bands for men

A great advantage with golden wedding rings is that a simple gold wedding ring can change size in the future usually with local jewelry. Without gold may be rimmed ring, a corrugated wave or woven or engraved pattern but slightly harder to be without the ring size.

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