7 Secret to Choosing Black Diamond Jewelry !

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Black diamond jewelry photoThe origin of the Black diamonds in Brazil, but some believe that a meteorite strike leads it. Recently, it began in Africa. They are now very popular, to use them, is a sign of love, power, wealth and happiness. I’m not very black but contains dark inclusions so the black color. They are now used in the manufacture of engagement rings. outstanding and as a solo. The use of rings or engagement rings was before Rome. For this reason, you need knowledge and skills.

How is it chosen?

1. Get cracks stone appears out of focus. Really pure black absorbs light.

2. physical characteristics is composed of millions of crystals of diamonds glued together and porous. The black color comes from an intrinsic deficiency, while white diamond losses that reflect light.

3. Diamonds have recognized in General a strong tinge of yellow or brown color.

4. Black really hard to cut and Polish for nature shots. Most of the market currently high exposure treatment dark color uniform temperatures.

5. Institute of America (GIA) or the American Society of the gem (AGS) came up with original reports of the two diamond  institutions such as the Gemological.

6. The black diamond is, when under the lighting tube glass fiber or strong flashlight Mag lite Brown instead of black observed.

7. Which they are evaluated based on their cut, color, clarity and carat. It often has a simple cut (item 16).No one should have cracks on its surface. The color should be evenly distributed. They are much heavier than the traditional diamond.

Carbonates are also available only in Brazil and in the Central African Republic. They are often sent through volcanic explosions on the surface of the Earth. If you are a black diamond or earrings engagement ring Stud it considered to follow these simple 7 Essentials.

Black diamond jewelry has many settings. Style pave usually smaller diamonds in cascades of gold. Several times, is in a row of diamond black and white a beautiful view in the claw. This can be arranged in stripes with a white diamond design. Larger diamonds are usually defined as a Center stone, surrounded by a small group of white diamonds.

Natives are quite rare, expensive and found. The laboratory version is however more easily available and ready for purchase by the general public, to buy jewelry. Black diamonds can be purchased through a variety of sources such as jewelry stores, auctions and of course online.

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