3 Easy Tips to Finding Mens Wedding Ring

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3 Easy Tips to Finding Mens Wedding Ring-Although women tend to have more options when it comes to the ring, they are surprised that there are also a variety of design for men’s engagement and wedding rings. Men tend to prefer the rugged and masculine design: a simple band, channel, or open a number of rings. It are less common during the men’s rings, women are always more popular. They are similar to the look of the wedding rings, but they contain usually a gem. We see the following detail a general design and material.

1. Select you the width

Men’s rings can be anywhere from 3 to 8 mm, although most people seem to prefer 6 mm wide rings between 5-.

2. Select metal


gold men wedding ring

Almost pure gold (22 karat) and 14 Karat, 18 karat gold remains a popular and traditional choice for men’s wedding rings. 14 Carat gold, although only 58% gold, often used with a higher content of alloys, more durable than pure gold. The higher the content of gold, the more the color of the golden ring.

White Gold

white gold wedding rings

White Gold is an alloy of gold and one or two white metal (usually nickel, manganese and PD), and they closed with a coating of rhodium for increase in the white. White Gold, Platinum is similar but cheaper. Other changes in gold as a pink, red, pink, green, black and gold, each with different alloys for color.


silver men wedding  rings

Silver should be cleaned regularly for recruitment or engagement rings as sensitive to oxidation less frequently used. Therefore recommended in General, casual rather than long term wear silver jewelry. Silver is cheaper than gold and Platinum.


tungsten men wedding  rings

Tungsten, a metal with white color, also known as tungsten or tungsten carbide. Does not alloys, used in industrial applications. Wolfram has grown in popularity as a material for the observation of the men in large part because of extreme durability. Tungsten is not equipped with the nature of Poland’s and constantly requires no maintenance but adapted and re soldered.


titanium wedding  rings picture

Titan is one of the most difficult and more durable scratch-resistant metal stand, and for this reason, it is a popular choice for men-rings. Despite their resistance, Titanium is not heavier than Platinum. Titan is cheaper than Platinum, but slightly more expensive than gold.


palladium wedding ring

For example, tungsten Palladium gaining popularity. It is, of course, white precious metals and it should not be constantly polishing point. Although it is very similar, with Platinum Paladium usually sell for a fraction of the price.


Platinum men wedding ring

Platinum is one of the most popular materials for wedding and engagement rings. It is more expensive than gold and even front with regard to resistance, although other metals, such as Titanium is even more powerful. Platinum does not fade and require no maintenance.

3. Select design

Easy, simple and sleek design classic bands are always popular for men’s wedding rings.
Dispose USO of the stone opened men diamond rings carry a view vintage, elegant and luxurious.
Set the channel group, type an elegant look, while using metal is used to compensate for the jewel of your choice.
The design of inlaid with diamonds or other precious stones, which fills the entire band offers a modern and attractive appearance. Can a single diamond or other precious stones studded in rings.
The engagement and the wedding rings Grab ado-man can be engraved with words, symbols, or other designs for a personal and unique rings. Martillado Critica design is popular, because it creates the impression of the individualistic, rugged and ring textures.
Fabrics, intricate, interwoven models and other variants, including an intricate band had twisted or braided band that “snake” appears.

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